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Posted February 8, 2017 by Nicky in General / 7 Comments

What have you recently finished reading?

I just finished reading Barry Strauss’ The Death of Caesar. It was interesting, but not as good as his previous books — it felt a bit drier, somehow. But it did teach me some stuff I didn’t already know about Caesar and the people around him. For example, I knew nothing about Decimus Brutus — who is not the Brutus everyone remembers via “et tu, Brute?”

What are you currently reading?

Uh, let’s see. I’m partway through The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams, which I’m rereading. It’s a bit of a chunky book, so I’m making fairly slow process. I’m still only halfway through The Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley, too. I had that as an ARC and it’s out now, so maybe I should get to that. And I accidentally started reading Ellen Klages’ Wicked Wonders, which I just got an e-ARC of via Tachyon.

What are you planning to read next?

I haven’t really decided yet. I’m tempted to read some more non-fiction, but on the other hand I’ve been hitting that fairly hard lately. Maybe if I get my hands on a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, I’ll go with that. On the other hand, I have a book that’s due back at the library pretty soon, so maybe I should read that — The Dark Mirror, by Juliet Marillier.

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7 responses to “What are you reading Wednesday

  1. I finished up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep this morning, which has left my head a bit fuzzy, but my reserve on A Gathering of Shadows came in this morning so I know what I’m reading next 😀

    • I never really got Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I should reread it sometime and see if it makes any more sense — I read it as a young teen and I swear, it was like a fever dream.

      • It is pretty surreal – I think I’d have really struggled with it if I’d tackled it as a teenager. It almost reads like Pinter in places (not my favourite playwright!) I suspect it would make sense to you better now, but you might not enjoy it any more 😉

  2. I’m happily ploughing through my zombie series at the moment! Long books suck up so much time even when you enjoy them and in paperback form, they can be hard to hold while you read!

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