2016 Wrapup, and Onward 2017

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In the last month of 2016, I gave up and decided to just read for joy. Following that, I’m only just getting round to signing up for any new challenges and the like. Here’s a quick rundown of 2016’s stats first…

2016 in Review:

Books bought: 228 (within my allowed number of 250)
Books read:
359 (slightly short of my original goal of 366)
Pre-2016 TBR read:
171 (short of my goal of 200)

So not bad at all.

For 2017, my Goodreads goal is 300 books, but really I’m focusing on my Game of Books score. I’m aiming to finish the year with 1,000 points — which would equal my usual amount of reading, but measured more by quality than quantity. Or that’s the hope, anyway.

shelf love challenge 2017

I am participating in ShelfLove again, of course. Once again, my aim is to read 51+ of my pre-2017 TBR books… There’s no book-buying ban for me this year, though my usual budget basically applies (it’s a percentage of my earnings), and I want to buy fewer books this year than I read by a bigger margin than last year. So I’m aiming at buying 200 books or less. That’s still a lot of books, I know — but I read so much!

Bout of Books 18
Aaaand there’s a Bout of Books read-a-thon from the 2nd January to the 8th, and I’m intending to join in. I have no particular goals, but a book a day would be nice.

I’m also using the Litsy app now, and would love to have more people to share short snippets, quick reviews and book photos with on there. You can find me under the username “shanaqui”!

So there we go. Onward! What book are you starting the year with?

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10 responses to “2016 Wrapup, and Onward 2017

  1. I have started Resistance, the first in a new dystopian series by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky. I’m liking it so far, although I’m not a fan of simplistic social divisions (here Elemental personality/occupation types that are imposed at birth). Still, it’s reading easily enough and I’m curious about the world building.

    And I’m still thinking about joining your Game of Books 😉

  2. I started this year with a bunch of books 60 pages or less-kids stories I liked the look of and a couple of series prequels and sequels just to get me started. I have a few more short stories to deal with and then I’ll hit the longer books. Your 2016 stats were good and I hope you do well with your 2017 goals. I’ll be lurking to watch your progress!
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  3. Wow, you did really well with your reading goals. It’s interesting to see how different people rate their reading success – it all depends on their life situations. 🙂 And I’m trying to focus more on the quality, too – I’m not setting a Goodreads goal.
    Kaja recently posted…My DecemberMy Profile

    • I’m pretty happy with the stats, especially since I “gave up” in December. They just weren’t getting the right response, you know?

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