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This week’s theme is a Holiday Gift Guide freebie, and honestly, I’m a little tired of wracking my brains to think of gifts. So instead, have my top ten places to read.

  1. On a train. You wouldn’t think it’d be comfortable, but something about just being stuck on a train for ages means I can settle into the reading mood and carry on interrupted. Especially in the quiet coach, with my phone off, or on the Eurostar.
  2. In bed. Of course. This is mostly with my ereader, because I can never quite get comfortable with a paper book in bed. Toasty warm toes!
  3. With my back against the radiator. I don’t know why, but I really like having a heat source at my back while I read. If the whole room is too warm, I get sleepy. If the room is cooler but I have a radiator or a hot water bottle? Perfect.
  4. With the rain lashing down outside. Doesn’t everybody love this one?
  5. Draped over my chair in my wife’s flat. With a bit of wriggling, you can get into the perfect comfy position with a leg up. Or even with my feet practically in my wife’s lap. She’s resigned to it.
  6. While petting a rabbit. I get a lot of quality time in with our bunny when I’m reading. She’ll come up to my knee and get her ears rubbed.
  7. In a blanket fort. At my parents’ house, I have a bunk bed. So I can hang a sheet down from the side of my bed and underneath there’s a sofa. Very cosy.
  8. While crocheting. Only for audiobooks, obviously!
  9. In the car. Again, only for audiobooks, but a nice long drive can eat up a big chunk of story. Or a big chunk of story can eat up the journey…
  10. With chocolate. The perfect companion.

Anyone else feel rebellious this week? Or have you stuck to the theme?

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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love reading in my bed with the rain battering off the window…there’s something kind of comforting in that especially if chocolate is involved! I was a bit underwhelmed by this week’s topic so I picked something really fun instead! Heh!
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  2. Oh heck yes with your back against a radiator! My only regret in living in a house with only underfloor heating.

    I also love reading in the bath, although the books don’t always appreciate it quite so much…

    • I substitute with a hot water bottle behind my back at my parents’ house, where the radiators have big wooden guards on them!

      Heh, me too. I put my Kindle in a ziplock bag for that, too.

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