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I missed last week’s post because of travelling and busy, and neither last week’s theme or this week’s theme is really speaking to me. So! Instead, just have “Ten Bookish Things I Have Had Feelings About Recently”.

  1. That moment when you realise you want to read a book that you’ve left behind somewhere else. Accio my copy of Heyer’s The Talisman Ring?
  2. Trying to figure out if I liked Pamela Dean’s Tam LinSo much going on, complex structure. I got to 85% and wasn’t sure what I thought, and then it went and dealt with most of my concerns in the last 15%. What’s with that, book?
  3. When I need all of Seanan McGuire’s books, stat. I just finally read Rosemary and Rue and yep, I need the rest. Everyone who recced me these books totally owes me Amazon vouchers so I can get some… Whaddya mean, no?
  4. When the paperback is really pretty and handier but you have the hardback and the ebook already. Lookin’ at you, Uprooted by Naomi Novik! It’s there and it’s taunting me, in all the shops. But I own it so…
  5. Dinner is ready and you just want to read. I’m getting better at this; I’ve even been stopping mid-page when my partner has dinner ready. But.
  6. Gotta love a comfort read. Contemplating digging into some of my old favourites while I struggle through the hell known as my final math assignment.
  7. But gotta love the new ones too. I’m finally reading Juliet Marillier’s Dreamer’s Pool, for example, and I really want to know what happens and if everything turns out okay in the end for Flidais.
  8. When you can’t find a comfortable position to read. At this rate, I’m thinking upside down in some kind of harness might be what my body is looking for, because all the usual ways of getting comfy are noooot working.
  9. The joy of giving people books. Okay, so my partner already had China Miéville’s latest as an ebook, but the print version is pretty.
  10. The joy of bookshops. I went to my favourite bookshop in Brussels last week (Sterling Books, Wolvengracht 23). It’s moved locations and downsized a bit since I was last year, but I still got a really good haul. And I have five euro off my next purchase…

And now to get on with queueing up some more posts so last week’s standstill doesn’t repeat the next time I’m stressed!

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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I know a couple of those feelings, Nikki.
    A couple of book geeky feelings from me:
    1. On finishing ‘Moby Dick’. Thank Goodness That’s Over! Never again! Some brilliant parts, but many bad or indifferent ones. they certainly didn’t believe in editing out the padding in those days.
    2. I wished to refer back to that tedious ‘Pamela’ sequel, ‘Pamela in her Exalted Condition’. I expected to find a cheap copy on Amazon. No such thing. £80 for a collectible. The same on Kindle. I was going to order it from the library. No doubt it wouldn’t be in the borough, and I’d have to pay £6.00. But, found it free on Project Gutenburg. My stingy streak was delighted, particularly as it’s even more sententiously dull than I remember. Mr B says in it that when he climbed into bed with Pamela, held her down, and thrust a hand in her bosom, he didn’t mean to rape her; and it was all a misunderstanding. I see…

  2. LOL at Number 5. It’s even more awkward when you’re the one who has to make dinner. “What? My entire family is hungry? But-but-but…I can’t stop, I’m at the most exciting part!”

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