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ShelfLove Challenge 2016

ShelfLove Update!

Welcome to March! Since I already had two posts scheduled for yesterday, I delayed this till the second of the month, buuut it contains the stats for up to the end of 29th February, not for 1st March (when I, hahaha, got more books).

  • Books bought this year so far: 32 (out of 250 max).
  • February budget: £50/£50.
  • Owned books read: 24/200 (10 books behind).
  • Books read overall: 48/366 (11 books behind).

So I’m not doing too badly, but I am behind, and I’ve been a bit liberal about book buying. My goal was mostly just to buy less than last year, so 250 is the max; that means 20 per month, so although 32 is too many for February, it’s balanced by the fact that I bought no books in January. Now I just have to behave myself (and read books I already have).

Aaand the theme for this month is: that one book trope that gets on your nerves. And oh, boy, do I ever have it. I’m reading The Winner’s Crime right now, and though I enjoy the world and the characters, there is one thing driving me totally bananas: lack of communication. I hate it when relationships are totally fucked up by a lack of honesty; it’s this visceral dislike that is making The Winner’s Crime very difficult to read (and has annoyed me before in countless other books, e.g. Fitz’s relationship with Molly in Assassin’s Apprentice et al).

I get it! Talking is difficult! But constant miscommunication, especially when you should know better, and extra specially when the plot hinges on you simply not communicating… gah! Get thee hence!

This may be linked to the fact that I find it super embarrassing when people do stupid things, even in fiction…

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