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Wait, it’s already the 3rd? Okay, clearly I need to do my January TBR post already! My 2016 goal is actually to read a book a day, on average, but I’m not going to pick too many books I have to read — I’m just going to pick out library books, challenge books and ARCs that I definitely need to get on with.

So, the list?

  • This Savage Song, Victoria Schwab. ARC! Not releasing until May, I think? So I do have time, but I might as well try and keep ahead of the game!
  • The Frog Princess, E.D. Baker. This is for the Ultimate Reading Challenge on Habitica, a book recommended by my sister. A nice easy one to polish off.
  • Silver on the Tree, Susan Cooper. Last one for the TDIR readathon!
  • Guardian of the Dead, Karen Healey. Needs to go back to the library. Plus, one of the main supporting characters is ace!
  • The Furthest Shore, Ursula Le Guin. Should’ve finished this by the beginning of January. Oops.
  • Tehanu, Ursula Le Guin. Likewise.
  • Tales from Earthsea, Ursula Le Guin. Aaaand ditto.
  • The Other Wind, Ursula Le Guin. Yep.
  • Last Argument of Kings, Joe Abercrombie. Last in the trilogy, and due back at the library.
  • Unnatural Creatures, ed. Neil Gaiman. It looks like an interesting, diverse, and very readable collection. And it needs to go back to the library.

I have a bunch of other books which I’ll probably get round to, especially since I’m taking a limited number of print books with me to Belgium to visit my partner. That includes Jacqueline Carey’s Santa Olivia and Saints AstraySignal to Noise by Silvia Moreno Garcia, City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett… But I’m only going to push myself about the ten above. Anything else is a bonus!

Crossing things out as I get to them!

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4 responses to “January TBR

  1. You got the This Savage Song ARC? *writhes in jealousy* This is probably one of my top 3 most anticipated releases for 2016.
    And I’m looking forward to your review of Abercrombie’s book – I didn’t like it all that much… 🙂

    • Edelweiss had it, and I was lucky, yes! You could always try asking for it on there?

      It’s a reread for me, and I don’t remember particularly disliking it. We’ll see!

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