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Posted December 22, 2015 by Nicky in General / 6 Comments

This week’s theme is books I’d like to find under my Christmas tree. Well, I know what Santa is bringing me via my sister and my dad, so I’ll just pick stuff from my Amazon wishlist I’d like to get sometime soon!

If you’d like to help with that, well hey, my Amazon wishlist is here! (I can dream, right?)

  1. Children of Time, Adrian Tchaikovsky. I’ve been curious about this one since I saw Tchaikovsky at a con.
  2. Scarlet, A.C. Gaughen. I figure it’s about time I tried it.
  3. Illuminae, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman. I’ve been hearing so much about it.
  4. Planetfall, Emma Newman. The anxiety stuff might be a bit much for me, but I am interested in it.
  5. Gunmetal Magic, Ilona Andrews. A spinoff series with Andrea? OKAY.
  6. A Crown for Cold Silver, Alex Marshall. I kept meaning to pick this up, but haven’t yet.
  7. Darkwalker, E.L. Tettensor. I’ve had this on my wishlist for aaaages.
  8. Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, Kelly Sue DeConnick. Carooool.
  9. Silk: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon, Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee. About time I read this…
  10. Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo. I was curious about this before I started reading the Grisha books, and now I’m sure I want it.

I’m pretty sure I won’t find these under my tree, but hey, I can dream, right?

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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

    • Exactly! And I’ve been going out and buying things from other people’s wishlists randomly, so maybe karma will reward me, haha. Thanks for dropping by, and happy holidays to you if you celebrate!

    • Some have arrived already, to my surprise! It’s not often people pay attention to my Amazon wishlist like this, haha. And yeah, I’ve been meaning to try Adrian Tchiakovsky’s work too, and the way he talked about Children of Time intrigued me.

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