Review – Dancing on the Head of a Pin

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Cover of Dancing on the Head of a Pin by Thomas SniegoskiDancing on the Head of a Pin, Thomas E. Sniegoski
Originally reviewed 14th August, 2011

Like the first book of the series, Dancing on the Head of a Pin is a quick and easy read — fluff, almost. I mean, okay, there’s some gruesome bits, and it’s an apocalypse, but it’s still very easy to read.

I sort of wish there’d been more to the mystery aspect, and also that there’d been more of a build-up. Once you’ve dealt with the apocalypse, how can you go back to figuring out who the banker’s wife is screwing? Well, in real life, easily, but in fiction? I do wish there’d been some sort of reasonable escalation: now it pretty much has to be the apocalypse in every book.

The best character is Marlowe. Hands down.

Obviously, there’s unfinished business in this book, and I’m interested in how that’s going to play out. Not so interested I need to grab the next book right now, though.

Have to say, though, it still makes me think this is professional Supernatural fanfic, starring Castiel — uh, Remiel — the private investigator, and Dean — sorry, Steve — the human with a “profound bond” — sorry, “special bond” — with him.

Rating: 3/5

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