Stacking the Shelves

Posted July 11, 2015 by Nicky in General / 14 Comments

A smallish haul this week — my last hurrah in Canada, at West Edmonton Mall. Boooooks!

Cover of Adaptation by Malinda Lo Cover of Inheritance by Malinda Lo Cover of City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

I had Adaptation and City of Stairs as eARCs once upon a time, but I’m still in a phase of wanting to read all my books in dead tree. So, tahdah.

I’m travelling back to Wales today, so I might be slow to comment, but I’m excited to see everyone’s hauls. What’ve you been getting? Tell me, link me, tweet me — whatever you like! I wanna know.

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14 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I know what it’s like to want to read them in dead tree. There are a few books (especially epic fantasy doorstoppers) that I’ve had to be patient with, ignore the allure of the e-ARC, and wait until I could hold it in my hand.

    City of Stairs was fantastic, by the way,

    • I don’t know why I always want to read dead tree at the moment — sometimes it’s the opposite! So frustrating, heh.

      So I’ve heard! I’m excited about that one.

  2. Elsi

    Those look like interesting books. I’ve given up on books printed on paper. I’ll borrow them from the library and give them as gifts, but I just don’t have room for them in my house. I’m still downsizing the 2000+ volumes filling my bookshelves.

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