Stacking the Shelves

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I’m not quite sure whether I should be listing books I’ve saved on my book subscription apps this week! Best not, or I’d overwhelm my blog with book covers. But thank you to Blloon for sending me 1,000 free pages to trial the app (to get me more, if you’re in the UK, do consider signing up here! I’ll be reviewing the service soon), and Scribd for the free month. It’s been a quiet week, since I couldn’t really go to the library; I injured my foot last week, and getting to the library on crutches is just a bit too much faff.

So it’s just the two books I got myself to celebrate finishing my fourth OU textbook! Oh, and the book my sister got me.

Cover of The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu Cover of Lord of All Things by Andreas Eschbach Cover of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales

Apparently ’tis the week of SF in translation? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to try The Three-Body Problem, and I enjoyed Andreas Eschbach’s The Carpet Makers, so when I saw these both for under £2, it seemed an obvious choice… My sister got me Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales, which is the next pick for the Cardiff SFF Bookclub. <3

What’s everyone else been getting? Still behaving yourselves?

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10 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I’ve given up behaving myself! I’ve been grumpy and feeling sorry for myself all month so I’ve just kept buying and I don’t care! *stamps foot and pouts* I’ll tackle the tbr again when I get some decent sleep! Or when I can be bothered…! Enjoy your books!

  2. majoline

    The Three-Body Problem! I hope that’s good.

    I picked up the latest WicDiv and Gotham Academy and I finally got a hold of Bitter Greens.

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