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It’s been a very acquisitive week for me, even though I keep telling myself I mustn’t go over 365 books bought this year. Not that my book-buying urge has ever listening to such logical things, so there y’go. There’s been a fair amount of yarn buying, too, so I am predictably pretty broke already, even though it’s just the first week of November. Anyway! Some awesome stuff, this week.

Review copies

Cover of The Just City by Jo Walton Cover of Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers Cover of Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Cover of Myth and Magic, ed. Radclyffe and Stacia Seamen Cover of World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters Cover of The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston

I was actually kindly lent a print copy of The Just City, which is in my Top Ten Books I Don’t Own and Want To Read post, by Robert. Then naturally Tor approved me for the ARC on Netgalley as well, even though they’ve never approved my requests before… Ah well, I’ll probably read the print copy anyway. I’ve heard mixed things about Robin LaFevers, but I thought I’d try. And queer fairy tales are right up my street.

Print books

Cover of What Matters In Jane Austen? by John Mullen Cover of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North Cover of Dark Entries by Robert Aickman

Cover of Fearsome Magics, ed. Jonathan Strahan Cover of The Sleeper and the Spindle, by Neil Gaiman Cover of Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir

Cover of Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter

I couldn’t resist getting The Sleeper and the Spindle, especially because of some of the art I’ve seen inside it. Claire North is apparently another pseudonym of Catherine Webb/Kate Griffin, whose work I’ve been following since she published her first novel. Excited! The other stuff is a mixture of random choice and stuff I’ve been meaning to pick up. I had an ARC of Elizabeth of York, and my guilt induced me to finally just buy it…

Anyway, as this goes live I’ll be heading out to the local Comic-Con. Looking forward to seeing what the dealers have! What’s everyone else been getting?

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28 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I’m actually trying to tackle the Tudor fiction shelf in my room at the moment-most have the same plots and characters so I need to seperate the good stuff from the dross! Enjoy your books and thanks for visiting!

    • Yeah, that is a problem with reading a load of stuff in the same period of history! This Alison Weir one is non-fiction though — I once thought of writing a thesis on queens and how they were reflected in contemporary fiction, and how that changed over time, and the Tudors were obviously going to be important in that. Now I’m switching to medicine, but I still like quietly feeding the idea…

    • Good to hear! I enjoyed Fearsome Journeys, so I’m hopeful about this one, and it has so many authors I like or hear great things about, too. As for Claire North, I think I’d read anything she chose to write: I’ve followed her work since her first book at sixteenish, and always been a fan. If only she didn’t keep changing her pseudonym and making it hard for me to realise that the random new popular book is actually her.

      The Just City is fun so far, but I’m biased on the topic of Jo Walton, I think she’s amazing, so, haha.

  2. vvb

    Nice ones! I want to try the Robin LeFevers series as the premise is intrigueing. Love the cover for The Midnight Witch is so cute. Happy reads 😉

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