What are you reading Wednesday

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What have you recently finished reading?
Georgette Heyer’s Beauvallet, which I still need to review. Fun, but definitely not my favourite of Heyer’s so far, and I don’t like Beauvallet and his grabby hands half as much as I think I’m meant to. Different times, different sensibilities, I know, but still. Before that, Peas & Queues by Sandi Toksvig, review upcoming — generally pretty fun.

What are you currently reading?
As usual, too much. There’s A Game of Thrones, of course, and various other things I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, plus Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn, which is about mindfulness meditation and is helpful so far, though I don’t know if I’d give it to a beginner, and I obviously don’t agree with everything/find everything useful.

What are you going to read next?
Nary the faintest idea, really. I’m actually feeling tempted to read the Harry Potter books and actually finish the series — I only ever got up to The Goblet of Fire — but I’m not sure if it’s been long enough since a) everyone wanted to force it on me and b) I studied it at college and university several years in a row. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to see the pure genius that other people see, but it would be good if I could just enjoy the books for what they are.

I’m also contemplating closing my eyes and pointing, and reading whatever book is in line with my pointy finger. Just for the sheer unpredictability of it.

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2 responses to “What are you reading Wednesday

  1. Game of Thrones! Awesome. (I only ever got as far as the beginning of book three, though)
    I need to do a Harry Potter re-read asap. I read those books when I was like 12 or 13 years old, and absolutely devoured them. Reading them now (18y/o) would be awesome because I’ll pick up on tiny things I might have missed the first time. :p
    Usually what I read next depends on what’s available on the library. I have a small list of books on hold, so its kind of nice to see whats ready for me to pick up every few weeks XD

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