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Aaaand it’s time for Stacking the Shelves, a la Tynga’s Reviews, as usual. I’m still on a book ban until WorldCon (I think this is the third week now I haven’t bought anything), but I am still receiving ARCs and freebies, woo.

Via Bookbridgr

Cover of A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick Cover of Smiler's Fair by Rebecca Levene

Both of these sounded intriguing when I looked them up. I’ve already finished A Love Like Blood — review here.


Cover of One Two Three by Elodie Nowodazkij

Won from Reading Is My Treasure‘s giveaway — can’t believe I forgot to include this last week. Thank you to her and the author for sending me this.


Cover of Hollow Crown by Dan Jones Cover of Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie Cover of The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

I’ve been reading other stuff around the War of the Roses recently, so I guess it’s not surprising I jumped at that one. I’ve been looking at Gutenberg’s Apprentice for a while, especially since I read The Gutenberg Revolution earlier in the year. And The Hidden Blade just looked kinda fun. Swordswomen! Even if swordsmanship in that dress seems… unlikely.

What’s everyone else been getting their grubby hands on?

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41 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. You have some great looking covers in your haul this week. They are all new to me so I am going to do some Goodreads research ^-^. Happy reading!

  2. The Hidden Blade sounds like my kind of read – you know kick ass women with sword in hand 🙂 I’ve seen One Two Three around but never paid much attention though I admit the cover is intriguing!

    Enjoy! My haul

      • Awww really? That’s awesome. I’ve always admired anyone who dances ballet as I think theirs/yours is a very disciplined form of art. Not to forget gracefulness, and yeah gracefulness? 😉 Then there nust be the diet and regular exercise and the practice. So yeah hats off!

        • My parents actually sent me to ballet to try and stop me being so clumsy, haha. (Turned out I needed glasses…) I have a lot of problems with the culture among ballet dancers about eating and so on; people I knew used to pretty much stop eating and only have tissue paper soaked in orange juice, no kidding. It can be pretty unhealthy. But it’s a joy to watch a good ballerina.

          • Whaaaat? Seriously, tissue paper?! I know ballet dancers take their weight seriously but unhealthy eating is sooo bad news. I’ve only watched 2 ballet shows in my whole 2* years and I’ve enjoyed them very much.

  3. I almost picked up The Hidden Blade, and I still might. Isn’t it nice that even when you don’t buy any books, you can still get some great books? I think so. Thanks for stopping by!

    Michelle from Michelle’s Minions.

  4. Wait. You have achieved three successful weeks of a book buying ban!? That is kind of amazing! I don’t think I’ve made it three days 😉 A lot of these are new to me, but I just looked up One, Two, Three and it looks pretty interesting! Hope you enjoy the books 🙂

    • I last bought books ooonnnnnnn 17th July, so nearly a month now! I’m as surprised as anyone, but I was bet I couldn’t do it, and I find it hard to back down from a bet…

  5. Aseel @ In My Secret -Book- World

    Oh, these are some great books you’ve got! I hope you enjoy all of them and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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