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Aaand it’s Saturday, and time for Stacking the Shelves, as usual hosted by Tynga’s Reviews!

And wow, I have a lot to show off this week — a couple of ARCs, more books than I expected to buy (I deserve it, I gave blood!), and a whole stack of books from Bookmooch. (If you have a Bookmooch account and you ship to the UK, link me! I have a ridiculous backlog of points and an eclectic taste in books.)

ARCs/review copies

Cover of Empress of the Night, by Eva Stachniak Cover of Peacemaker, Marianne de Pierres Cover of Morningside Fall, by Jay Posey


Cover of Shadows by Robin McKinley Cover of The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield Cover of The Avengers: The Enemy Within Cover of Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell Cover of The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne Harris Cover of Wonders of the Invisible World, by Patricia McKillip


Cover of The Pirate's Wish, by Cassandra Rose Clarke


Cover of Simon Scarrow's Under the EagleCover of The Eagle's Conquest, by Simon ScarrowCover of When the Eagle Hunts by Simon ScarrowCover of The Eagle and the Wolves, by Simon Scarrow  Cover of Declare by Tim Powers  Cover of Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold, by Terry Brooks  anCover of the Viking Portable Medieval Reader Cover of the Portable Dorothy Parker

I’ve been most excited about The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne Harris, because I’ve had it preordered for a while. I’m halfway through it already, though goodness knows I’m halfway through a lot of books. I’m excited about the ARCs from Angry Robot: I’ve meant to try Marianne de Pierres before, and I read Jay Posey’s first book, Three, a while ago. And the third review copy, well, hopefully I’ll be interviewing Eva Stachniak here on my blog around March ish.

Needless to say, I am also very excited about Avengers: The Enemy Within, as it continues Captain Marvel’s current storyline. I’ve flicked through it already and it contains such gems as this:

Carol: You like hitting stuff with that hammer of yours?
Thor: It is an act of which I am singularly fond.

So what’re you all reading, guys?

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45 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

    • A couple of people I know have been talking about it, so I’m quite intrigued. Though I’m forbidden to start reading new books with my massive backlog of half-finished books… Thanks for dropping by!

  1. I also want to read The Gospel of Loki but I haven’t purchased a copy yet. It’s not available locally so I have to order online. I have high stack of books this month too and I’m trying my best not to buy anything unless I’ve read everything.

  2. Cait

    Oh my gosh. Books for blood? That’s the best line ever, although I don’t think I could do it because I have a severe phobia of all things needles. But they should give you books after you’ve finished draining your blood cells instead of sugary tea. Or both. Both is good. Happy reading! And thanks for stopping by mine!

    • Haha, I can’t say I looked at the needle at aaaall. My dad was with me and I just chatted to him while I kept clenching my fist to help it along. It feels kinda like getting pins and needles, but it’s not painful aside from the initial bit.

      I got water and some biscuits, which I was happy enough with, and then I made a beeline for the nearest bookstore. It’s my response to everything. *shifty look*

  3. majoline

    It’s been years since I read them, but I throughly remember loving the Landover books (I remember it so well because I don’t really like the rest of his writing), so I hope they’re as good as I remember.

    • I’m really looking forward to Fangirl, from what everyone’s said about it. And Empress of the Night is a historical novel about Catherine the Great, so it should be really interesting!

  4. I am really exited about Fangirl, too. And my, you got a lot of great-looking books last week. I hope you’ll enjoy them all 🙂

    Sorry it took me so long to visit you back, my classes have started again, and it’s hard to get back into a normal rhythm.

    Have a great week and happy reading.

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