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Well, I’ve bought my first new books of 2014, and I’ve got a bunch of ARCs, so this post will be more exciting than I expected…

See Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews to see what this is all about and find other people’s posts!

Dead tree

Cover of The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory Cover of The Atrocity Exhibition by JG Ballard Cover of Through the Language Glas by Guy Deutscher Cover of The Universe Versus Alex Woods, by Gavin Extence


Cover of Dawn of Swords by David Dalglish Cover of Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins Cover of The City by Stella Gemmell Cover of Red Sonja, by Gail Simone Cover of The Waking Engine by David Edison Cover of The Palace Job, by Patrick Weekes Cover of Romulus Buckle and the City of FoundersCover of Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War

Of the books I bought myself, I think I’m probably most interested in Through the Language Glass, though I have some academic interest in The White Queen (I’m generally interested in the portrayal of real queens in fiction, and the interaction between their depiction in fiction and the real nobility). My partner bought me that one!

Of the ARCs, I’ve been keeping an eye on Stella Gemmell’s The City, since I enjoyed her husband’s work, which I believe she had some input on. Red Sonja is intriguing, since I’ve never read a Gail Simone comic but I’ve heard good things about her work, and I’ve never read anything about Red Sonja before.

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29 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. Through the Language Glass! Through the Language Glass! *bounces* I shall be very curious to hear your opinion on it! I had such fun reading it a while back. It was fascinating. (As I recall I didn’t quite agree with everything, but fascinated I was it. And you know me and how much I struggle with reading nonfiction!)

    I haven’t read any of the others, though. Some of them have some gorgeous covers. I hope you’ll enjoy them! I think The Palace Job is the one I’m most intrigued about. It looks like a lot of fun. ^_^

  2. Isn’t Stella Gemmell, the wife of the author who wrote the Troy series. I vaguely remember reading a review of the final Troy series book back in teens. I wanted to read that series but never got round too.

  3. Wow, this is a great set of books!! I’ve been thinking about reading Phillipa Gregory. Looks like some great arcs as well! I hope you enjoy your books 🙂
    Ninja Girl

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